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The Construction of Children’s Literature within the Creation of Hebrew

 Culture in Eretz-Israel


Thesis Submitted for the Degree “Doctor of Philosophy”




Basmat Even-Zohar


Tel Aviv University


December 1999


This work was carried out under the supervision of


Professor Zohar Shavit






Hebrew Abstract   i-xv

English Abstract   I-XVI


Introduction   1


Chapter 1: The Actors: Entrepreneurs of the New Hebrew Culture and Children’s Literature   22

Chapter 2: Creating Children’s Literature in Relations with other Systems   52

Chapter 3: Hebrew Texts for Children in Palestine, 1880ִ|ִ1905   88

Chapter 4: The New Repertoire of Children’s Literature in Palestine   109

Chapter 5: Building the Past for Building the Future   149

Chapter 6: Jews as a Nation   166

Chapter 7: The Land of Israel: The Homeland Past and Future   183

Chapter 8: The Desire for Independence as a Central Principle of the New Culture   226

Chapter 9: Zeev Yaavez: Religious Nationalism   276


Bibliography   289


Appendices   319

Appendix 1: Biographical Notes   321

Appendix 2: Participants of the “Teachers’ Meetings” 1891ִ|ִ1896   335

Appendix 3: Annotated Chronological List of Texts for Children in Palestine   336

Appendix 4: List of Books for Loan at the Library of David Yudilovitch, 1896ִ|ִ1898   348

Appendix 5: Hebrew Staged Plays in Palestine between 1880ִ|ִ1905   352

Appendix 6: Chronological Table of Events and Books   354

Appendix 7: Geography Books   359

Appendix 8: Grazovski: The Proliferous Entrepreneur   364

Appendix 9: The Literary Model of “Catching a Bird”   366

Appendix 10: The “Sharon” Book   369

Appendix 11: Personal Connections in the “Big Circle”   371